Education at the Intersection of Business and Law

V-Legal is a series of three online courses designed to help executives and managers gain fluency in the legal principles, language and processes business leaders need to understand. Professionals who earn the certificate will learn to “think like a lawyer” when making decisions for their organizations, gaining skills that may have an immediate impact on their job performance and career advancement.



The V-Legal Certification can be purchased for $1,895 or select our automatic payment plan to pay $649 today and two additional monthly payments of $649 each.
Today’s payment includes an additional $75 registration fee. For a limited time, this fee will be waived if you pay in full! Use code FREEREG at checkout.

You will be taken to LawStudentOnline.com to complete your enrollment.

Invest in the education you need to:

  • Learn how to confidently work with lawyers.
  • Understand legal risk in the business environment.
  • Become a sophisticated consumer of legal advice
  • Synthesize legal issues at work and in the news
  • Gain a basic understanding of U.S. law, legal structures, legal research, and more.